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Pico do Ferro Viewpoint
São Miguel, Aores
Gorreana Tea Plantation
São Miguel, Aores
Grota do Inferno Viewpoint
São Miguel, Aores
Ponta Do Cintrão Viewpoint
São Miguel, Aores
Milícias Beach
São Miguel, Aores
Monte Escuro Waterfall
São Miguel, Aores

The Azores

Nine islands, nine passions, nine ways of life. The Azores are nine unique worlds, one breathtaking location. Between Europe and America this is a place where nature plays a major role, with a vast ocean and exquisite flora and fauna. There is a relationship with nature that cannot be ignored, something that is part of everyday life.

Azores are the tip of the fabled, long-lost Atlantis, there is something otherworldly about the Azores: dramatic mountains and fecund valleys lush with exotic plants, dormant volcanoes, emerald green fields and meadows bounded by hydrangea and bamboo. Nine magnificent coastlines punctuated by attractive villages and towns of some antiquity. The Azores are a beautiful and endearing location, of culture, charm and cuisine, largely unknown. This is a wonderful, relaxing place.

São Miguel Island

Is the largest island of the Azores. It is known as the green island, from East to West, the island offers mountains and valleys, breath taking lakes, dense woods, natural hot water pools and dark sand beaches. Its picturesque villages, spreading around churches and chapels.

The city of Ponta Delgada is the largest urban centre in the Azores and enjoys the cultural and social advantages of a middle-sized town, and the peacefulness and safety typical from a small town. Its pleasant parks and gardens, including the one on the university campus, are a tribute to nature and allow locals and visitors to enjoy long quiet walks and learn about the varied botanic specimens.

You can visit the city in ancient horse carriages, sightseeing trains and tuk-tuk taxis or walk around on foot, rent a bicycle or use the inexpensive mini bus system. Ponta Delgada´s central location allows you to easily visit great many beautiful sites in the island and take nice long walks by the ocean and to the beach. The city’s indoor and outdoor restaurants and bars offer you the traditional Azorean food at reasonable prices and a nice, joyful ambiance.
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