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Why does everyone want to stay in Caloura, São Miguel Azores?

Famous lakes, waterfalls and thermal water pools apart, if there's a place on the island of São Miguel that deserves to be visited is Caloura. A place of great natural beauty with one of the most picturesque fishing ports in the archipelago, Caloura is today a popular place for locals and tourists looking for good weather, invigorating sea baths, relaxation and ... great grilled fish. Located in the middle of the south coast of São Miguel, easily accessible from anywhere on the island, Caloura should definitely be part of your list of mandatory places to visit while on the island.


Caloura and its microclimate

Caloura is known ,among the local population, for having one of the best microclimates in São Miguel. A microclimate refers to a relatively small area whose climatic conditions differ from the surrounding space. The fact that Caloura is a flat terrain, of very low altitude, which extends into the sea, makes it often possible to escape the accumulation of clouds that are concentrated in the interior of the island.  Much more sunny and less humid than the rest of the island, it is one of the favorite hideaways for people from São Miguel to stroll and go for a swim in the sea.

Caloura Fishing Port and bathing área

Nestled at the base of a basaltic cliff, the exotic fishing port of Caloura is one of the oldest on the island and the biggest attraction in the area. The type of fishing still practiced there continues to be artisanal, in which small groups of fishermen, usually from the same family, go out in wood boats to catch small fish. Right next to the port and the bustle of fishermen, separated by a jetty that ends in a small lighthouse, is the bathing area of Caloura. A small artificial salt water swimming pool for children and an entrance to the sea with clear waters do the wonders of the bathers who flock there. Blue flaged, with various rescue equipment and two lifeguards present during the bathing season, Caloura bathing area is, year after year, one of the most popular spots of the summer both for locals and tourists.

Baixa D'Areia Beach

In the west side of Caloura, on the opposite side to the port, there is a small sandy beach of only 100 meters in length known by the locals as Praia da Baixa D'Areia. Tucked between ravines, in a small indentation on the coast, this beach of very fine sand receives several bathers every year. Above the beach, overlooking the sea, there are some changing rooms and one of the best equipped picnic areas in São Miguel, with several barbecues and tables available and an overwhelming view. This place is a meeting point of choice for families and groups of friends who take part in lively afternoons and nights, both in summer and winter time.

Accommodation in Caloura

Caloura is one of the most popular places in the Azores, and in particular on the island of São Miguel, to live or to spend holidays on.  Known for its privacy, exclusivity and tranquility, this area is a kind of paradise for those looking to regain energy and relax.  If you make the wise decision to stay for a few days in Caloura, try staying at Solar das Araucárias B&B. With traditional architecture, well equipped, with spacious and comfortable rooms, you will have everything you need for a few days of peace close to the sea. As far as price is concerned, you´ll find it quite fair, to the point that you won't even notice that you´ll be staying in a house located in the area with the highest price per square meter in the Azores, and one of the most expensive in Portugal.


Caloura Restaurant

A few meters from the port and the beach area of Caloura is the restaurant bar with the same name. Serving meals since 2012, this space is overlooking the sea and has one of the friendliest environments on the island of São Miguel. With most of the tables arranged on the terrace and the rest in a completely glazed interior space, it is almost impossible to lose track of the beauty of the place where you are. With an informal but attentive service and a menu with the best grilled fish in the region, Caloura Restaurant is ,by itself, a very good reason to visit this cosy and exotic fishing area.

Activities and events in Caloura

In Caloura it is possible to participate in various activities related to the sea. Although there are no entertainment companies or equipment rental companies based in the area, it is possible to book excursions and activities that take place there. Kayak, stand up paddle, snorkeling, fishing and diving are some of the water sports that can be practiced during a stay or visit to Caloura. In terms of events, Caloura Blues is a highlight, a festival dedicated to the genre, which usually takes place at the end of July in Praia da Baixa d'Areia. With a family atmosphere, without major confusions or floods, it is a  party not to be missed for those who are fans of good music and a drink after a day of sun and sea.